Your Child's First Dental Visit in Albany GA

"When should my child visit a dentist for the first time?" This is a common question often asked by new parents. The answer to the question is "Child's first birthday" or when the child is one year old. Children are at higher risk of getting affected by cavities, as a result American Academy of Pediatrics recommends to visit a pediatric dentist by age 1.

The thought of such early dental visit can be surprising, but national studies have shown that children who are preschool aged had more cavities. Parents who are concerned about the child's risk of developing cavities can learn about the child's dental health by the regular dental visit to a dentist. A dental visit at the regular interval will help you with many dental tips such as, correct use of fluoride, oral habits which also includes other habits such finger or thumb sucking, and how to prevent common dental problems.

Purpose of visiting a dentist at age 1

The reason behind age 1 dental visit is to help you know or learn about the child's dental health, and also to help you in providing the best care for your child's unique needs before any problem arises. Many dental problems can be easily treated and prevented at the early stage. It is important to find a pediatric dentist in Albany GA whom you can trust and feel comfortable at the dental office. Your first visit will be important as you will start to build the relationship and get your questions answered.

Note: Before you visit a dentist make sure you are prepared for it. The best way to be prepared is by considering: what you need to know, what you need to look for and what you should expect.

Be prepared to ask any questions you may have. Be ready to look for a dental office that is:

  • Friendly with children and parents
  • Kind and gentle towards your child even if the child is agitated during the treatment
  • Knowledgeable about the child's specific needs, their growth and development and oral health
  • Provide you an advice on how to care for your child's teeth and mouth, and also ready to show you how to do it
  • Advice you how to reach the office in case of dental emergency
  • Tell you about regular follow-up care
  • Guide you to guard, prevent and promote your child's oral health
  • Give you specific advice about child's oral development

It is common that children fuss during their dental visit. To make your child's dental visit more comfortable, you can accompany another adult so that you can talk freely to a dentist and focus your attention on your child. Make sure to bring your child's favorite toys, extra diaper and other essential things so that your child realize that the dental office is a safe and comfortable place.

Before you leave dental office, make sure you have a clear idea about your child's development, your responsibilities, have your questions answered. You also try to know what you and your pediatric dentist can do together to ensure that your child has good oral health.

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