4 Novel Ideas To Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day Innovatively

The National Tooth Fairy Day is a special occasion, celebrated twice a year. Esther Watkins Arnold created an eight-page playlet in 1927 to bring the tooth fairy into reality. “The Tooth Fairy” was the name she gave to the playlet. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle released images of two girls surrounded by "confirmed" fairies about the same period. In our previous blog, we have explained the difference between general and pediatric dentists in Albany. However, you must have heard about the occasion from your pediatric dentist. With the day approaching on the 28th of February, let’s learn about four fun ideas to celebrate the occasion.

4 Ideas for Celebrating National Tooth Fairy Day:

  1. Read a Theme Book:

    There are many books available in the market that celebrate the spirit of the day. Reading books is always a great activity, especially with kids. It helps in improving memory, teaching empathy and boosting neural connections. Some interesting books suited for the theme are “Dear Tooth Fairy” and “The Mixed-up Tooth Fairy” written by Alan Durant and Vanessa Cabban and William Faulkner respectively.

  2. Teach About Oral Health:

    The tradition of Tooth Fairy actually teaches the children about the importance of good oral health. While you might choose to teach a short informative lesson about the topic, there are far more fun options! For example, you can make them do activities such as puzzles, coloring, connecting dots etc.Kids dentists in Albany will also suggest educating the kids about oral health.

  3. Make Beautiful DIY Crafts:

    Art and craft is an awesome idea to balance the fun and the knowledge part! The most famous piece of craft is the DIY Tooth fairy pillow. There’s a famous tradition associated with it i.e. the Tooth fairy comes to take the child’s lost tooth from under the pillow. Another option is making easy tooth bags for keeping the fallen teeth safe.

  4. A Movie Night:

    Are the kids not enthusiastic to participate in any of these activities? Well, then watching a fun and relevant movie might be the right thing to do!

    According to dentists in Albany, family friendly movies like "Rise of the Guardians" or "The Tooth Fairy" are the most popular choices for the special day.

Who Is the Finest Kids Dentist Albany?

There are many more interesting ideas to celebrate the National Tooth Fairy Day which would be loved by the children. Remember to keep the spirit of the day alive, and you're good to go. Dr. Jeannette M Pope Ozimba DDS heads the finest dental clinic in Albany for children. She is an experienced and reliable children dentist, with perfect chairside manners. Browse through our website of Dr. Jeannette M Pope Ozimba DDS to discover more about our services. Dial us at 229.435.6161 to have a conversation with their representative right away.

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